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Spay/Neuter Application Process

We are proud to be able to offer low cost spay and neuter vouchers for families in the CSRA who meet our eligibility requirements.
Cost: Neuter vouchers are $35 for all size male dogs and cats.  Spay vouchers are $45 for all size female dogs and cats.
Eligibility Requirements: You must make a monthly income of less than $4000 a month (before taxes) to qualify.
​Step One: Read the Eligibility Requirements above.  If you meet this requirement proceed to step two.
Step Two: Fill out a Spay/Neuter Application.  You may either Download our PDF Application and e-mail to, or fill out our online Application.
​​Step Three: Please email the following information to to serve as residence and income verification:
  1. Tax statement OR pay stub
  2. Copy of your driver's license
Step Four: We will review your application materials.
​Step Five: If approved, you may pay associated fees using the "Vouchers" button on our website at
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